6 ways to become better, but to remain yourself

On the one hand, the call to “become the best version of oneself” is quite understandable: you need to use your potential and give all your way to the maximum in order to live the life that you want. On the other hand, it is not quite clear how to determine this very version and by whose standards it is the best – whether it is not imposed by society? We tell you how to change your life, not trying to become someone else.

1.Do not be afraid to declare yourself

There are days when we want to curl on the couch with a kalachik and hide with our heads with a blanket. Burying in your favorite book or series, eat problems with homemade cookies. Just not to resolve any issues and not make complex decisions. And in the very moment, thanks to these actions, we really feel better.

But constantly hiding from life – the strategy is not the most healthy. According to the Arena Brown, a teacher of psychology at the University of Houston, when, despite all fears, we take the first step, we become bolder and psychologically stronger. Because we allow ourselves to live life in all its manifestations.

2.Determine what is important to you

And most importantly – why. If you are sure that some of your desire is true, that it was not imposed on you by someone from the outside, then it is useful to figure out why this is so. Why this goal motivates you? Why this lesson makes your heart beat more often?

For this, it would be nice to figure out who you are, what your childhood was, in what environment you have grown and how all this affects your behavior now. What serves for you a trigger and causes tears, and what supports or mixes. What are your weaknesses, and what is the power.

This is a laborious and emotionally not simple work itself, but such costs in the long run always pay off.

3.Do not lose your interest in yourself

Interest in your personal development and personal growth, in your dreams and hobbies. In general, to everything that inspires you. Do not merge with others, do not turn into someone else’s “appendage”. If you know and appreciate yourself, then you will always have the one who supports you on bad days.

4.Continue to do what you are doing, but not at any cost

According to the economist and the scientist Peter Drucker, “plans are just good intentions if they do not immediately develop into hard work”.

This is true: plans are only the beginning. If you want to achieve something, develop your talent or business, achieve career heights or take place as an artist or a creative person, as a whole, you will have to work hard and be consistent in what you are doing, not to graze the difficulties.

However, there is an important “but”: it is hardly any kind of work in the world that you sacrifice your health and relations with loved ones for it. Do not lose sight of the “global picture” of your life and do not forget about yourself and your needs. Know how to stop in time – before you burn out or lose interest in all.

5.Try to notice new opportunities

How fair, although one of the founders of Coaching Thomas Leonard sharply said, “Opportunities do not knock – they whisper, so shut up and listen”.

Of course, it is important to know your goals and understand approximately what will help to achieve them. But the truth is that our world is changing rapidly, and it is extremely difficult to predict the trends and changes. So, remaining true to yourself, you need to be ready to change the path leading to achieving the goal more than once.

A happy chance can turn up at any time, so be on your guard and do not miss it.

6.Treat life easier

Si le gars est ouvert à tout nouveau et qu’il a déjà certains “développements” dans ce sens est génial. Il y a quelque chose à travailler avec. Mauvais, s’il occupe la position “Je ne peux que insérer site francais pour acheter cialis membre dans le vagin, prenez-moi ici” ou pire – “tout le monde a aimé”. Mais avec tel, ce serait triste quelle que soit la taille. En général, lorsqu’un partenaire à la tête du coin met exclusivement à son propre buzz, il n’est pas très amant.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to live. Stress lies in wait for us at every step: relations sometimes give a crack, a business idea can turn into a complete failure, and a successful company can go bankrupt. But to the one who goes through life with a light gait and looks at everything with moderate optimism, it is easier to worry.

Learn to enjoy simple things. Be spontaneous. Laugh, laugh. Fool around and at least sometimes behave like a child. After all, as one professor from Harry Potter said, “Happiness can be found even in the dark, if you do not forget to turn to the light”.

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